Every boy is unique, including his gifts and his challenges. We see the issues that boys face today–anger, the inability to express sadness, constantly feeling misunderstood, the suppression of fear–as well as finding ways of expressing their excitement and joy in ways grown-ups can understand.


Not only are there universal challenges that boys have always faced, but in the 21st century technology and culture have added new challenges like navigating social media, facing with technological addictions, and coping with the historically unknown fast pace of our times. Boys aren’t the only ones who are overwhelmed.

Parents were never meant to do all of this on their own. High schools are meant to teach our children core academics and prepare them for careers or college. They don’t have the time or resources to teach the emotional skills necessary for success in life. Furthermore, boys need a setting where they can talk honestly about what’s going on in their lives that is separate from where they are primarily concerned with academics.

Here’s where we can come in. Our circles provide a space for boys to learn in a non-academic setting the emotional tools necessary to mature into the healthy and engaged men they are meant to be.

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”

John C. Maxwell