What does it mean, as a man, to show up in your life and in your community? What does it mean if you don’t? Maybe you feel too busy. Maybe the thought of sitting with a bunch of teenage boys scares the heck out of you. Maybe you feel you don’t have what it takes. Or that you wouldn’t be able to relate. And hear that small voice inside calling you to do more. And maybe deep down you know that part of being a man is helping the younger generation find their way on the path to manhood.


These are the primary ways you can help us:

  • Sitting in Circle–Not to advise, just be present. Let boys see that there are men who care and are willing to listen. Men who participate in circles are provided with training.

  • Outreach to businesses who want to support Boys To Men

  • Coordinating Events–for both boys and mentors

  • Share Your Skills–Remember being a boy who was interested in cars but didn’t know a mechanic? Perhaps you’re the guy who can provide insights for boys with interests in your field of expertise. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur...or you’re a game designer...or...

  • You Tell Us–you simply have a talent or experience you’d like to share. Don’t underestimate the interest boys have in men like you.

  • Financially–Click here to make a donation

“You want to be great? Help others achieve their greatness”